Derrick Fudge was enjoying a night out on Saturday, August 3, 2020 with his son, Dion Green, and other family members in Dayton’s Oregon District. That enjoyment ended when in the early hours of August 4 he was shot outside of a bar. Derrick Fudge is one of eight victims that lost his life that night during the Dayton mass shooting. In the year following the shooting, Dion turned his pain into strength by authoring the book “Untitled: Act of God. Act of Man” and founding The FUDGE Foundation to help individuals that are impacted directly and indirectly by mass shootings, violence, human trafficking, domestic abuse and other forms of trauma.


Moms Demand Action | Washington, DC State Capitol 2020

Trauma comes in many forms. Often, people struggle with emotions caused by unspeakable atrocities, which fester into debilitating issues that can lead to death by suicide or a variety of self-destructive behaviors. Sometimes it is the person that experiences the trauma him/herself while other times, it is a spouse, relative, or close friend looking to pick up the pieces of senseless violence they cannot understand. The FUDGE Foundation exists to fill a gap of supporting those looking for help along their journey of grieving and healing.


A community equipped to address, prevent and support survivors of all trauma.


The FUDGE foundation seeks to support individuals on their journey of grief and healing from traumatic events through the delivery of support service and advocacy at both a local and national level.

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Partnering and collaborating with existing non-profit organizations and government agencies, the FUDGE Foundation realizes its mission through the following activities 

 ● Develop and co-facilitate peer-support groups that provide survivors the opportunity to discuss the traumatic events they experienced and develop healthy coping mechanisms for how to recover.

 ● Provide connections to outreach programs, legal-aid, mental health and other critical resources needed throughout the trauma recovery process in the Miami Valley.

● Offer Individual Recovery Grants to help victims access professional one-on-one therapy as well as to assist with expenses such as utilities, medicine, legal aid, funeral expenses, gasoline, food, education, and rent to supplement income. 

● Advocacy in the forms of public speaking, writing and community mobilization, for the elimination of the conditions that cause trauma in the Miami Valley and around the country, including mass shootings, violence, human trafficking and domestic abuse. 

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